When should I drink Aloe Ferox Tea ?

Anytime of the day is okay, whether morning, afternoon, evening or night.

Where is Aloe Ferox Tea made?

This is tea is made from the leaves of the Aloe Ferox Plant in South Africa and packaged in the United States.

How is Aloe Ferox Tea shipped to me ?

The tea is shipped in a mailer where we put the small silver pouch that hold the tea bag(s).

What is your refund and return policy ?

We prefer to replace than refund in there are any issues upon arrival.

Can I purchase Aloe Ferox Tea outside of the USA ?

As of right now we only ship in the USA that is how we can keep things affordable.

How much Aloe Ferox Tea should I consume at once ?

One cup a day is fine, however observe your body. Two to three cups is what average consumer drinks.

Who should not drink Aloe Ferox Tea ?

This tea is good for general health and wellness and for all ages.

Is there an age restriction ?

No, however for children give small quantities and not too much daily.